Terms Of Service

The Following Types Of Files Are Prohibited On TinyUpload:

(1) Pornographic Or Sexual material.
(2) Racial, ethnic, political, or discriminating content.
(3) Tutorials or content dealing with Illegal Practices.
(4) Content with excessive violence or profanity.
(5) Content that harms others or represents physical threat.
(6) Promotion of illegal substances or activities.
(7) Content Dealing With Software Pirating.
(8) Content Dealing With Hacking or Phreaking.
(9) Content Dealing With Trafficking from adult-related websites.
(10) Files that contain Viruses or Malware.
(11) Infringement or violations of the patents, copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, rights of privacy, moral rights, music performance or other music-related rights, or any other right of any third party.
(12) Any illegal activity whatsoever.

If you believe that one or more files are not inline with our Terms of Service, please Report this file immediately.

If you are under direct Copyright violation from a file on TinyUpload, please Report the file and send a DMCA complaint to DMCA@tinyupload.net.

If you are a TinyUpload user and chose not to honor the Terms Of Service, you face the possibillity of the file being removed and a ban from the network for multiple offences. Leads may be revoked in the case of violation. Terms Of Service should be read and understood before uploading.

TinyUpload User Agreement

The following actions are prohibited for TinyUpload Users

(1) You absolutely cannot download your own files. You WILL be caught for doing this, and banned immediately. All future payments will be cancelled. If you need to download your own file, you can login and download it from the File Manager.

(2) You cannot upload any of the file types that are prohibited (See Above). If you are reported for doing this, your file will be removed. If you continue to do this, your account will be banned.

(3) You cannot offer any incentives for downloading your file, other than the file itself.

(4) As a TinyUpload user, you agree to not participate in spam-like or malicious behavior. This includes interaction with the TinyUpload Community as well as in promotion of TinyUpload file or widget links.

General Agreements

(1) TinyUpload users accept the possibility of accounts and payments being removed on short notice according to the best judgment of TinyUpload staff. These measures are taken to prevent fraudulency.

(2) TinyUpload users accept the possibility of Terms of Service changes. This page should be checked frequently.

(3) TinyUpload users accept the possibility of payments being delayed while funds are liquidated.

(4) TinyUpload agrees to return balances on failure of payments. However, a sending fee may be deducted.

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